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TNBR’s research activities in power generation is currently focusing on providing solutions to improve and optimize the efficiency of power generation as well as power plants life assessment and extension. We continuously ensure that our broad portfolio of generation options remain available and economically viable.
TNBR’s research and development portfolio in Power Distribution is diversified with our involvement in power automation & supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology, cables and joint research as well as energy systems.
TNBR has developed extensive research and development programmes to improve on transmission line reliability, controllability and capacity. Our scope covers on operation of advanced nationwide lightning detection and protection centre. We also manage transformers and switchgear research and diagnostics programmes. On top of that, we diligently perform advanced research to increase transmission line capacity using leading edge technologies.
In TNBR, we have strong environmental research programmes. We perform environmental impact assessments as well as environmental monitoring & mitigation projects. We ensure that our quest for more power & electricity is very well balanced with proper initiatives and strategies to protect the environment for future generations and ensure sustainable development.
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