Renewable Energy & Green Technology

Renewable Energy and Green Technology section focuses in extensive research to optimize renewable energy and green technology in sustaining a healthy environment.

Low Carbon Power Generation

We are known for our Pilot Scale Gasification Plant of 150kWth which currently is the biggest gasification plant in Malaysia.

It covers:
Coal, biomass and petroleum coke gasification testing using Fluidized Bed Gasification Technology.
Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU)
Committed in providing comprehensive technical and economic assessment of CCU, we focus on technology development of capturing CO2 from thermal power plant (coal fired and gas fired) and utilisation of the captured CO2 by converting into valuable outputs.

It covers:

Chemical Utilisation of CO2
CO2 capture through amine adsorption technology with effective amine formulation for minimum energy requirement.
CO2 capture as well as treatment of SO2 and NO2 through vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology
Utilisation of CO2 through hydrogenation pathway

Biological Utilisation of CO2

Improved Absorbent & Adsorbent Material
Process Optimization
Reducing Energy Penalty
Computer Modelling
Life Cycle Assessment

Emission & Waste Management

Tapping the potential of biological CO2 fixation using microalgae as the agent to turn emission or waste into some form of commodities, we set the best practises of industrial emission and waste management. We envision the potential of CO2 from our power plants can be transformed into useful commodities for other industries, in conformance to Industrial Ecology / Circular Economy framework.

Renewable Energy

Shifting towards viable and sustainable renewable energy system, our unit was established to undertake application oriented research activities on renewable energy areas which provide overall solutions from renewable energy generation up to interconnection to TNB Network.

Our research cover the following areas:

Solar Resource Assessment

Solar resource characterization and mapping

Wind Resource Assessment

Wind resource characterization and mapping

PV Performance & Reliability

PV technology evaluation, performance model, PV optimisation, O & M and PV system design

Grid Integration Of Renewable Energy Sources

Grid interconnection study, computer modelling and simulation, coordinated control of RE and virtual power plant