Smart Grid

Smart Grid section focuses in providing solutions to improve and optimize the smart grid technologies.

Smart Energy Management & Automation System

With years of experience and projects implemented, we have the capability to create a dynamic, interactive and bi-directional grid infrastructure with an open, interoperable, supervisory and control network for electrical distribution with renewable energy resources.  A smart grid requires intelligent components for performing centralised and decentralised control functions. The control system of the future coordinates multiple areas of conventional telecontrol applications, micro-grid controlling, substation automation and smart metering.

Our research cover the following areas:

Secured & Intelligent Substation Automation SystemThis focus area covers advanced distribution automation scheme to enable controller-free operation and fast restoration switching in selected TNB distribution network substations.
Smart Energy Management ApplicationsThis focus area addresses energy management software that provides applications for energy profiling and analytics as a basis for optimisation of energy consumption and efficient energy management for utilities, large power and ordinary power consumers.
Communication Networks for Smart Metering, SCADAThis focus area includes the design, development and implementation of the latest communication networks that can efficiently cater utility applications such as Smart Metering, SCADA, Smart Street Lighting, etc. With the growing demands on this area, our unit is also capable in providing services and consultancy on these latest communication networks.

Advance Diagnostics Technology for Power Systems

We have the capability for innovative approaches in sensing and information extraction systems. Powerful and economic processing is performed using unique data analytic approaches which enable useful information to be extracted from highly complex data of power system. It is also predictive, giving a highly efficient way of monitoring the health of a system, and detecting the onset of abnormal behaviour.

Our research cover the following areas:

Transformer Health Monitoring & AnalyticsThe innovation aims to solve problems associated to the ability to perform transformers failure prognosis using analyses of various transformer oil data.
Transformer Oil Characterisation with Optical Detection SystemA portable and cost-effective instrument for on-site monitoring and detection of fault induced changes in transformer.
IOT Sensor Management, Analytics & Database Tools

IOT Sensor Management, Analytics & Database ToolsA flexible and end-to-end IOT system solution with real time monitoring of network issues and asset performance.
Battery Monitoring & Analytics Tools

Battery Monitoring & Analytics ToolsB.A.T.S. in one of our proven IP inventions, backed with strong research to provide economical and sustainable solutions to diverse industries.

Power Quality & System Stability

Our unit is dedicated in supporting customers’ future Renewable Energy (RE) and Grid Integration initiative by improving system efficiency and peak demand through energy storage solution. We can also provide customers a long term solutions for those affected due to power quality issues by implementing voltage dip free system and a continuous power quality performance monitoring solutions. 

Our research cover the following areas:

Dip Free System (DFS)/Voltage SagDip Free System (DFS) provides a feasible long term solution to severely affected customers due to voltage sag/dip. The medium voltage DFS technical solution will provide 100% protection to customers with equipment that are sensitive to voltage sags/dips.
Community Scale Energy Storage System (CESS)Community Scale Energy Storage System (CESS) provides utilities/customers with a technology to implement an effective energy management program and capability to store electrical energy generated from both utility and renewable energy (RE) sources for use in managing the power usage efficiently.
Volt/VAr Optimisation (VVOVolt/VAr Optimisation (VVO) is automated voltage regulating and reactive power controls system to measure and maintain acceptable voltages and high power factor at all points in the distribution network under varying load conditions. It will support utility core business initiatives in improving the reliability, availability and security of power delivery system taking advantage of VVO technical solution.