Power Delivery

Power Delivery focuses on enhancing transmission lines reliability, controllability and capability. We not only concentrate on power automation and SCADA technology, but also in energy systems, cables in our unit. Our research is divided into substation, asset performance, utility automation, lightning and earthing and power system.


Switchgear & Transformer Technology / Diagnostic

Capitalising on our competent researchers, we provide comprehensive studies on substations equipment to enable optimal performance and significant efficiency improvement in operations.

Our research covers the following areas:

  • Online Testing
  • Offline Testing
  • Special Services

Asset Performance

Cable Technology / DiagnosticCable Diagnostics & Online Diagnostics
Our studies cover the following areas:
Partial Discharge in MV cables
Water Treeing in XLPE Cables
PD Mapping, Water Tree (DS & GVI)
Pilot Cable (Copper Wire Pilot Communcation Cable) Fault detecting & mapping

Evaluation of Cable Accessories
Our studies cover the following areas:
Effects of outdoor environment on pre-fabricated joints and terminations of MV Aerial bundle cables
Contact resistance in crimping and mechanical connectors of MV cable joint

Cable Design & Ampacity
Our studies cover the cable ampacity of various cable laying techniques including Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).
Asset Management

Asset Management
Our studies cover the remaining life Of MV PILC cables.

New Focus Area
Our new focus areas consist of:
Cable Failure Analysis
Nano composite insulating material
Energy SystemStreet Lighting System
Street Lighting Technologies Our research involves extensive technical and economic assessments of various street lighting technologies i.e. LED, induction and plasma.
Intelligent Street Lighting Solutions We offer development and integration of intelligent smart street lighting system through the most advanced technologies and solutions.
Laboratory & Site Testing Services Our expertise and capabilities are Photometric performance test (CIE140), Accelerated Life Test and electrical characteristics of luminaires. We also perform the reliability & lifetime evaluation of street lighting system and components.

Metering System
Reliability & Lifetime Evaluation
We perform the reliability & lifetime assessment of meter and components.
Meter & Metering Installation Technology & Design For this focus area specifically, prevention and protection of TNB metering systems are enhanced through our comprehensive studies on energy meter box, advanced locking system for metering installation as well as meter design enhancement.

Distribution Network Efficiency
Distribution System Planning MethodologyWe conduct research and development of enhanced methodologies in power distribution planning, incorporating important elements i.e. risk, costs and performance, to align with prudent asset management practice.
Distributed Generation (DG) Interconnection StudiesOur capabilities and expertise include load flow analysis, losses and power quality assessment.
Asset Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) AnalysisWe carry out comprehensive TCO analysis of assets, incorporating reliability assessment to support prudent asset management program/initiative.

Energy Losses Studies
Technical Losses (TL)We conduct R&D of methodologies and tools to estimate the technical losses in power distribution system and its components. The accuracy and practicality of the methodology/tool are continuously improved through our comprehensive studies.  
Non-Technical Losses (NTL)We conduct focused studies on the detection, prevention and mitigation of meter and metering installation tampering (MIT). 
In addition, we have the expertise to develop the intelligent MIT and electricity frauds detection system.This innovation is the finalist of TNB Innovation Award 2016, and it is currently pending for patented.
We provide comprehensive solutions for security enhancement of buildings (substations, offices) and assets through the cutting edge and advanced surveillance, monitoring and intrusion detection technologies.

Utility Automation

Advanced Utility AutomationDigital Substation
We conduct studies and formulate guidelines for specification development of digital substation automation system. It includes functional integration and testing of the IEC61850 based system and engineering guideline as well as maintenance strategies for digital substation.

Distribution Automation (DA)
We conduct a complete DA application system study and development including fault location for underground distribution system with distributed generation and related sensor and devices integration.    

Demand Response Application System
We conduct research on adaptive load modeling system for integration with demand response application including VVO and CVR.

Distributed Energy Resources Communication (DER) & Integration
We conduct research on data communication on DER for integration with SCADA/ EMS and digital substation automation system. 

Equipment Condition Monitoring & Application
To enable real time equipment condition monitoring application, we develop a system platform for IEC61850 that is based on Substation Automation System .
Power System Protection
Power System Protection Modelling, Simulation & Testing
Utilising the Power System Protection Modelling, Simulation & Testing using real-time digital simulator (RTDS), we test and study the protection performance under all possible power system scenarios.

Teleprotection Communication, Simulation & Testing
Optimising the Teleprotection Communication, Simulation & Testing using SDH and MUX, we test and study the teleprotection performance under various communication network conditions.

Lightning & Earthing

Lightning Measurement & Detection
Lightning Measurements Transient Simulations
Our research primarily involves in the real-time measurement of lightning activities in the Peninsular Malaysia by using the Lightning Detection System (LDS). We also perform modelling and lightning transient simulations for lightning mitigation and performance improvement.
Earthing Studies
Earthing Measurements, Design & Assessment
It covers the aspects of safety earthing and lightning protection earthing for electric power system installations and essentially for other categories of installations and structures at large.
Lightning Protection & Insulation CoordinationLightning Protection & Insulation Coordination
Aiming for effective lightning solutions, this research area focuses in lightning protection methods, technologies as well as assessments, including relevant insulation coordination. 

Power System

Wide Area Intelligent System
Coordinated Voltage Control (CVC) System Applications
With the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of the power grid, the voltage and reactive power (Var) management in the power system operation has becoming more challenging than ever. To overcome such challenges, we conduct studies on CVC system to provide effective solutions for voltage and Var control by coordinating reactive power resources at transmission system for achieving a better voltage profiles and minimizing active power losses.

Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) System
RTAP is one of our proven IP inventions that is fully optimised in utility substations or control and automation industries. Our RTAP offers flexible and reliable system with seamless configuration, unified logic module and user-defined applications API. Runs on commercial off-the-shelf computer, RTAP converts data between multiple communication protocols, communicates with any configured and connected devices, performs centralized or local data processing and executes control command to multiple control units thus facilitating in advanced system monitoring, protection and control.

Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS)
We conduct studies on WAMS to improve the visibility and situational awareness of a large power network in real-time. By utilizing phasor measurement units (PMUs), information includes GPS time-synchronized magnitude and phase angle of voltage and current, and frequency across the power grids can be monitored and recorded. It enables the power system operators to continuously analyse and improve the knowledge of the network behavior under dynamic conditions.

Advanced PMU-based Applications
Adaptive Out-of-Step Protection (AOOSP) provides fast detection of transient instability based on angle difference and fast determination of forced-generator tripping for securing the transient stability.
Real-Time Voltage Stability Margin (RTVSM) offers a scalar magnitude measuring proximity of the power systems to the voltage collapse point thus improves the visibility of load margins by means of aggregated local loads.
Advanced Overload Protection Scheme (AOLPS) incorporates several key features such as overload protection based on dynamic line rating, conductor temperature calculation and adaptive load shedding scheme.
Power System Reliability & Efficiency
Power System Reliability Studies & Simulations
Currently, we focus on system planning and improvements of power system reliability and efficiency of existing TNB systems. We use advanced power system modeling and simulation tools such as PSS/E, DIgSILENT PowerFactory, MATLAB SimPowerSystem and real-time power system simulator hardware-in-the-loop OPAL-RT ePHASORsim.
The power system studies and analysis includes load flow studies, frequency stability studies, voltage stability studies and transient stability studies.
Self-healing Grid
Power System Studies Related With Self-healing Grid
Our Advanced Real-Time Power System Analytics (ARTPSA) provides excellent real-time analytics solution with the ability to sense, analyze, learn, decide, and responds to any changes in the power grids for ensuring continuous compliance of N-1 criterion. Our ARTPSA performs real-time contingency analysis, screens insecure contingencies and supplies the power system operators with rapid, effective, and economically sound recommendations for control actions to address transient stability, voltage stability, and thermal security.
In addition, our ARTPSA studies also offers feasible preventive and enhancement control recommendations to mitigate risk without the need for load shedding and enable increase in load margins where such margins are judged insufficient. An effective real-time corrective control action for critical contingencies is available to increase the load margin by exercising all the following Level-1 control actions which are no-cost controls and low-cost controls before resorting to load shedding.

Transmission Smart Grid Applications For Self-healing Grid
In this focus area, we conduct studies on the enhancement of the network reliability to ensure the reliability and security of power supply. In general, the self-healing grid will dynamically optimise the performance, capable in automatically anticipating and responding to disturbances, reduce recovery time when unexpected disturbance actually occurs, and continually optimizing its own performance.