Cable Diagnostics


With more than 15 years of experience, the Distribution Unit at TNB Research performs research and services in the
various components of the electrical distribution system. One of the main sections, cable diagnostic focuses on
MV and LV underground cable system and MV overhead system. 

Together with our customers, we ensure the reliability of the cables.

Service Offered

Onsite Offline PD Mapping (OWTS)Pilot Cable Fault Location Mapping
Onsite Offline PD Mapping (VLF)General Visual Inspection (Water Tree Inspection)
Onsite Online PD MappingSilicone Batch Examination
Onsite Dielectric Spectroscopy MeasurementPhotometric Test
Onsite Tangent Delta (VLF)Surface Tracking Test
Onsite Monitored Withstand Test (VLF)Dielectric Breakdown Test
Insulation Resistance Test (PI/DAR)Cable Ampacity Simulation
Training & Consultancy

How Can We Help

Since its establishment in 1996, our cable diagnostic section has tested more than 4,000 cables.

Our engineers are highly competent with some of them are certified by SEBA, Germany. With our experience, you can count on the credibility of our testing results.

List of Clients

  • TNB
  • Energy related industries 
  • Contractors

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Ir. Dr. Ahmad Basri Bin Abd Ghani

Head, Asset Performance

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