CO2 Capture & Utilization (CCU)


With the emerging concerns on carbon footprint, CCU Research Station was established in 2015 with the ultimate vision to
proactively tackle carbon dioxide at its source. Through our research, we  have introduced innovative absorption and adsorption methods of capturing carbon dioxide.

Service Offered

High Pressure CO2 Solubility TestAbsorption & Adsorption Efficiency Test
Algae Biomass ( In paste or powder form)Training & Consultancy on mass microalgae culture & flue gas utilization
Rental of equipment and facilities

How Can We Help

We are backed by specialists and extensive facilities.

  • Through our pilot 6 x 250 liter photobioreactor facilities at a live coal-fired power station, our customers shall have the opportunity to study the effect of algae growth and productivity on actual flue gas with possibility of up to six different cases.
  • Rigorous kinetic studies on algae growth dynamics can be performed at our 6 x 500 liter outdoor culture facility at TNBR.
  • Our sophisticated equipment, including Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer, Sonicator and Coulter cell counter can be employed towards cutting edge research and findings.

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We are currently looking forward for collaborations and strategic partnerships.

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Noraziah Binti Muda

Head,   Renewable Energy & Green Technology 

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