Hydro Optimization


TNBR has been involved in optimizing TNB hydropower plants for more than 10 years. It started as an effort to develop internal expertise,
considering the potential improvement TNB can derive from all the optimization initiatives. As for today, we have strong team speciliasing in this area.

Service Offered

Based on our proven track credentials at hydro plant as well as mini-hydro, we offer the following:

Customised Solutions:

  • Hydroelectric Reservoir Water Release Planning
  • Hydro System Generation Scheduling
  • Coordinated Operation Optimization for Multi-reservoirs System

General Services:

  • Relative Turbine Efficiency Measurement
  • Absolute Turbine Efficiency Measurement
  • Unit & Plant Energy Audit & Energy Losses Monitoring
  • Component and Operation Performance Monitoring
  • Scanning, 3-D Modelling & Simulation of Hydraulic System

Innovative Inventions:

How Can We Help

With our expertise and state of the art equipment, we have the capabilities to deliver comprehensive hydro optimization services.

Our experienced team, also specialises in modelling activities such 3D printer and CAD Modelling.

We also have the following software to aid us in providing the services:

  • Three-D printer
  •  Solidworks CAD Modelling
  •  Flow 3D
  • Artec Spider Scanner
  • Vegapuls water level sensors
  • Dimetix laser distance sensor
  • Teledyne Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

List of Clients

We have extended our services to:


  • Temengor
  • Bersia
  • Kenering
  • Pergau
  • Chenderoh
  • Kenyir
  • Piah Upper
  • Piah Lower
  • Ulu Jelai

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Ismail Bin Shariff

Head, Power Plant Optimization Group

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Abdul Bahari Bin Othman

Technical Expert, Power Plant Optimization Group

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