Power System


Tapping into the growing power system network, our Power System Group is competent in offering power system modelling
and real-time platform for conducting real-time power system testing and verification solution to our customers.

These services may incorporate with or without our in-house developed product called
Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) which has been integrated into more than 20 units in TNB systems.

This environment is designed for closed loop testing and verification of power system network.
Together with our customers, we strive to push limits and innovate towards the future of power system.

Service Offered

Real-Time Power System Modelling
Real-Time Power System Testing & Verification solutions for any designed scheme
Installation and configuration of Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) system
User developed real-time application in Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) system
Technical consultancy on Real-Time Power System Simulator (OPAL)
Communication Protocol Testing Platform which support up to 6 different communication protocols

How Can We help

Leveraging on our high performance real-time power system simulator in the country as well as extensive experience in this area , we assist our customers in developing outstanding power system reliability and efficiency.

List of Clients

We have extended our services to:

  • TNB Transmission – Engineering Department
  • TNB Transmission – System Operation Department

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Ir. Dr. Sheikh Kamar Bin Sheikh Abdullah

Head, Power System

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