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Asset Performance

Providing niche and advanced solutions covering from cables to street lightings technologies:

  • Cable Design Technology & Advancement in Cable Diagnostics.

    In this research, we identify the best material, systems, and accessories for cable designs. Leveraging in our proficiency, we also well versed in cable diagnostics techniques, tools, and customized solutions

    Our capabilities and proficiency are focused in the following areas:

    1. Advanced Nanocomposite Insulating Material.

    2. Duct Filling Medium For Underground Cable Installed Via Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

    3. Backfill Material For Shallow Trench In MV Underground Cable Installation.

    4. Cable Laying Techniques Including HDD.

    5. Assessment of Pre-Fabricated Joints And Terminations Of MV Aerial Bundle Cables (E.G. Effects Of Outdoor Environment).

    6. Evaluation On Crimping And Mechanical Connectors Of MV Cable Joint.

    7. Improvement Of Cable And Joint Design in MV Underground Cable.


  • Overhead Design Technology

    Our research covers overhead systems and component designs. Take a look at our project list.

    We conduct research in the following areas:

    1. Smart Utility Pole Design

    2. Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cables (LV ABC) Installation System Design

    3. New Accessories Design (e.g. Pre-insulated Connector, Insulating Piercing Connector, Multitap Connector) For LV ABC System At Service Pole And Five Foot Way


  • Asset Management Analysis & Solutions

    Understanding the importance of assets optimization, we assess and develop mechanisms to monitor key parameters of a sound asset management.

    We are experienced in developing solutions as follow:

    1. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Methodology For Distribution Network Assets.

    2. Analysis Of Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) For Distribution Network Asset.

    3. Remaining Life Assessment Of Assets (e.g. MV Power Cables, Energy Meter, and Street Light).


  • Street Lighting Technology & Design Advancement

    We explore end-to-end solutions of street lighting technologies. Delve with us to get insightful information on street lighting technologies.

    We explore new technologies in the below areas:

  1. Techno-Economic Assessments Of New Street Lighting Technologies i.e., LED, Induction And Plasma.

  2. Intelligent Street Lighting Solutions –  Design, Development And Integration Of Smart Street Lighting System Leveraging On Energy Efficient LED Technology.

  3. Lighting Quality (Photometric) Performance Evaluation (CIE140) Incorporating Accelerated Life Test And Electrical Characteristics Of Luminaires.

  4. Reliability & Lifetime Evaluation Of Street Lighting System And Components.


Metering System Technology & Design Advancement

With years of insightful databases, we establish our proficiency in metering technologies. Engage us for the findings. Our focus area:

  1. Reliability & lifetime assessment of meter and components.

  2. New Meter & Metering Installation Technology & Design.

  3. Anti-tampering Mitigation Solution for Meter and Metering Installation.

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