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Hydro Power Plant Optimization



TNBR has been involved in optimizing TNB hydropower plants for more than 10 years. It started as an effort to develop internal expertise, considering the potential improvement TNB can derive from all the optimization initiative

Hydroelectric Reservoir Operation Planning

Through our comprehensive research in this area, we are able to maximize natural inflow to be used and minimizing overflow due to floods

Generation Scheduling

We conduct studies on generation scheduling to utilize the limited water resources

Coordinated Operation Optimization for Multi-Reservoirs System

We conduct focused research in this area to optimally meet the desired grid load requirement

New Generation Turbine Development

Backed with vast experience and strong research in this area, we produce innovative invention to maximise the efficiency of the turbines

We offer the following solutions:

General Solutions for Hydro Power Plants

  • Relative Turbine Efficiency Measurement

  • Absolute Turbine Efficiency Measurement

  • Unit & Plant Energy Audit & Energy Losses Monitoring

  • Component and Operation Performance Monitoring

  • 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering & Quality Inspection

  • 3D CAD Solid Modelling & CAE Simulation

  • Development of Pico / Micro Hydro 

Customized Solutions for Hydro Power Plants

  • Hydroelectric Reservoir Water Release Planning

  • Hydro System Generation Scheduling

  • Coordinated Operation Optimization for Multi-reservoirs System

Turbine Efficiency Measurement

Output from this comprehensive research is to produce cost-effective solutions to measure turbine efficiency performance

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