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Regulatory & Environmental Science


Our core functions are to maintain, manage and enhance natural resources along with sustainable development aspirations. The areas of research and services cover a broad spectrum of environmental sciences such as wildlife conservation, aquatic life management, water quality, bioremediation, environmental impact assessment, and socio-economic studies

Conservation of Natural Resources

Highlighting the importance of conservation, we conduct comprehensive studies and practice sustainable approaches

Study & Monitoring on Limnology

We conduct specific research on limnology, and it covers fish, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and benthic organism

Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Soil

We invest in our research to provide the highest standards of green solutions.

Hydrogen Sulphide & Its Impact Assessment

We conduct studies on integrated hydrogen sulphide. We cover the following areas of 

Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring,  Health Impact Assessment, and Corrosion Impact Assessment

Aquatic Resources Management Plan

It is one of our initiatives to conserve aquatic resources for sustainable hydroelectric development. It covers six components: population distribution assessment, fish breeding, fish sanctuary (TAGAL), habitat sustainability and migration via telemetry, and sport fishing.


Together with our stakeholders, we have established several ecotourism locations such as TAGAL and AKEKCHEP, aiming to conserve the local fish population and generate new sources of income for rural communities

Environmental Testing Laboratory

We offered a wide range of services for environmental monitoring to support your strategies for environmental compliance.


We offer the following solutions:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The innovative application is designed to evaluate the water treatment processes. This treatment aims to provide a continuous supply of potable water during emergencies and rectify most of the small communities with water quality problems

Environmental Site Assessment

To deal with the rapid industrial changes and challenges, we integrate information critically and equip our customers with a clear perspective of the environmental site assessment

Social Impact Assessment

Outlining the importance of social impact assessment, we assure the best services performance and bridge trust with our community

Environmental Compliance Audit

With our strong presence in this industry and supported with technical expertise, we can assist our customers in assuring excellent performance on their environmental approach via environmental compliance audit

Environmental Monitoring

We provide a consistent and integrated environmental monitoring system combined with end-to-end analytical reports to safeguard the environment. 
Our engineering solutions cover:

  • Water Quality

  • Chlorophyll

  • Solar Radiation 

  • Air Quality

  • Noise

  • Vibration

Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Monitoring & Audit

Aligned with our mission to create a sustainable environment, our competent team are diligent in monitoring and auditing the ESCP

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