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Advanced Material Diagnosis & Research Group


With the rising demand for materials testing, we provide expertise to analyze metal quality, degradation & failures. Accredited with  ISO/IEC 17025, we assure our test methods which include metallographic examination, material characterization test,  mechanical tests, high-temperature creep test, steam oxidation tests, wear & erosion tests, etc, are traceable to ASTM, ASME, and ISO standards

Material Database Development 

Currently, we focus on the database development for Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Gas Turbines. Take a look at our detailed projects

Exploration of New Inspection Techniques 

We analyze and develop new inspection techniques covering both non-destructive and destructive techniques

Development of Material Diagnostic & Early Detection System

Take a look at the listed projects

Damage Control, Defect Analysis, Repair & Refurbishment Procedure

Take a look at our listed projects


We offer the following solutions:

Metallurgical Analysis / Microstructure Analysis 

Material Characterization 


Micro Vickers / Rockwell Hardness Test

 Tensile Test for Metallic Materials At Ambient & High Temperature 

High Temperature Creep Test     

High-Temperature Steam Oxidation Test 

Stress Corrosion Cracking Test

High Temperature Wear & Erosion Test 

High-Temperature Steam Oxidation Test 

Stress Corrosion Cracking Test

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