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Built Environment & Climate Changes 


We are excited to facilitate our customers in initiating projects which integrate the science and engineering principles to improve the man-made environment (built environment) and climate change i.e. to provide healthy water, air, and land for future development and habitation, and to clean up polluted sites. Together, we help to transform and anticipate any challenges or new policies.

Site Screening & Selection

This research focuses on the identification of thermal power plants and sediment disposal areas.

Air Pollution Modelling For Thermal Power Plant

Power Plant emissions resulted from the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil. The Ground Level Concentration (GLC) of emission dispersion from the power plant stack must meet the standard imposed by the Department of Environment (DoE) at the ambient or recipient areas 

Foam Formation 

The presence of foam dispersed from power plant outfall could deteriorate the aesthetic value of the nearby seaside and may cause complaints from the residents, especially fishermen

Rentice Management

Most overhead distribution lines are installed across vegetation areas, including forests, idle and agricultural lands. Therefore, maintaining the lines-to-vegetation clearances is crucial due to safety reasons

Pilot Mobile Water Treatment

Unlike fossil fuels, water has no sustainable alternatives. We have developed a pilot mobile water treatment that can prove the concept of the development of large-scale water treatment plants or water reclamation plants for our power plants to use during emergencies as backup facilities

Water Footprint Assessment

In this research, we assess the company's actual sustainability of water consumption and contribution to pollution by Water Footprint Assessment

Water Market Allocation

This study understands the blueprint of water, determines the opportunity cost of water, and facilitate water reallocation from its low to high values uses to increase the value of water


We offer the following solutions:

Mobile Water Treatment System

The innovative application is designed to evaluate the water treatment processes. This treatment aims to provide a continuous supply of potable water during emergencies and rectify most of the small communities with water quality problems

Carbon Footprint & Mitigation Assessment 
| Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment

Quantifying and managing the carbon footprint is a risk management strategy and a tool for identifying opportunities to improve business operations. In addition, stakeholders such as government agencies, corporate and regulatory bodies, and reporting agencies are increasingly requesting for more accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) impact information

Environmental Monitoring 
| Stack Emissions & Dust Monitoring

TNBR provides an environmental monitoring services to cater the growing interest within the industry to comply with the Department of Environment Malaysia (DOE) regulations as well as ISO 14001. Our vast experience in environmental monitoring is demonstrated from the range of projects that we have delivered. TNBR provide services in conducting stack emissions verification at industrial facility by operating the stack sampling. This test is conducted to demonstrate compliance with air emission limits issued by DOE.  In addition, the ambient air quality monitoring which focusing on dust and particulate matter monitoring is also offered

Special Management of Scheduled Waste (SWM)

To support government initiatives on Green Technology Master Plan and RMK-11, we provide customized solutions covering physio-chemical analysis to scheduled waste management consultancy. Our team members are Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Waste Management (CePSWaM), Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) with Civil, Environment and Chemical Engineering Background, ensuring all the works carried out are per legal, regulatory, and engineering requirements 

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