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Utility Automation


In a continuous effort to facilitate the adoption of new technological solutions, we are passionate about exploring new concepts of advanced utility and providing the highest quality of engineering solutions and System Verification and Simulation Laboratory services to our customers

Digital Substation

Formulates guidelines for specification development of digital substation automation system. It includes functional integration and testing of the IEC61850 based system and engineering guidelines and maintenance strategies for the digital substation

Distribution Automation (DA) 

Conducts a complete DA application system study and development, including fault location for underground distribution system with distributed generation and related sensor and devices integration

Demand Response Application System

Conduct research on adaptive load modeling systems for integration with demand response applications, including VVO and CVR

Distributed Energy Resources Communication (DER) & Integration

Conduct research on data communication on DER for integration with SCADA/ EMS and digital substation automation systems

Equipment Condition Monitoring & Application

Develop a system platform for IEC61850 based on Substation Automation System

Power System Protection Modelling, Simulation & Testing

We use the Power System Protection Modelling, Simulation & Testing using a real-time digital simulator (RTDS) to test and study the protection performance under all possible power system scenarios

Teleprotection Communication, Simulation & Testing

Optimizing the Teleprotection Communication, Simulation & Testing using SDH and MUX, we test and study the teleprotection performance under various communication network conditions


We offer the following solutions:

IEC 61850 Based Protection & Control System 

  • Supported with our vigorous testing and research works as well as extensive facilities, we provide tailored solutions as follow:

  • Design & consultancy service on IEC61850 based protection and control system 

  • IEC61850 Product Functional & interoperable testing

  • IEC61850 based Digital Substation system integrator 

  • Training on IEC61850, basic & advanced

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