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Asset Performance


Providing niche and advanced solutions covering from cables to street lightings technologies

Cable Design Technology & Advancement in Cable Diagnostics

In this research, we identify the best material, systems, and accessories for cable designs. Leveraging in our proficiency, we also well versed in cable diagnostics techniques, tools, and customized solutions

Overhead Design Technology

Our research covers overhead systems and component designs. Take a look at our project list.

Asset Management Analysis & Solutions

Understanding the importance of assets optimization, we assess and develop mechanisms to monitor key parameters of a sound asset management

Street Lighting Technology & Design Advancement

We explore end-to-end solutions of street lighting technologies. Delve with us to get insightful information on street lighting technologies.

Metering System Technology & Design Advancement

With years of insightful databases, we establish our proficiency in metering technologies. Engage us for the findings


We offer the following solutions:

Advanced & Exclusive Security Solution for Assets & Building Protection

  • Customized solution with the holistic and in-depth approach in security and surveillance by leveraging the concepts of deterrence, delay, detection, and fast response.

  • Assessment, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of new end-to-end technology and solution with intelligent features [e.g. video analytics and motion detection for intrusion, real-time intrusion alarm notification, and ‘live’ view with a centralized video wall monitoring system].

  • Exclusive, unique special key ‘Barrel Lock’ Solution For Assets Protection [e.g. metering kiosk, feeder pillar, and other high-risk cabinets].

Cable Services & Consultancy

  • Cable Ampacity Simulation 

  • Online PD Scanning & Mapping (Underground/Overhead Cable) 

  • heath Integrity Test 

  • Pilot Cable Fault Mapping

  • OWTS Offline PD Mapping (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • VLF Offline PD Mapping (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • VLF Tangent Delta (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • VLF Monitored Withstand / Pressure Test (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • Insulation Resistance Test (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • Conductor Resistance Measurement

  • Electrical Ageing / Heating Cycle (Underground/Overhead Cable)

  • Short Circuit Testing (Low Voltage Cables & Accessories)

  • Water Tree Inspection

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • Dielectric Breakdown Test

  • Surface Tracking Test

  • Contact Angle Measurement

  • Climatic Ageing Xenon Chamber

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