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Smart Grid Solution


Committed to delivering solutions to improve and optimize the smart grid technologies while supporting future renewable energy and grid integration initiatives by improving grid efficiency and reducing peak demand through advanced grid components

Smart Energy Management & Automation System

A smart grid requires intelligent components for performing centralized and decentralized control functions

Advance Diagnostics Technologies for Power System

Capable of delivering innovative approaches in sensing and information extraction systems

Power Quality & System Stability

Dedicated to supporting customers’ future Renewable Energy (RE) and Grid Integration initiatives


We offer the following solutions:

Dip Free System (DFS)

Providing a feasible long-term uninterruptible power supply solution to severely affected customers due to voltage sag/dip. The medium voltage DFS technical solution will provide 100% protection to customers with equipment that is sensitive to voltage sags/dips

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Supporting utilities and customers with a mature technology to implement an effective energy management program due to its flexible deployment. It supports a wide range of applications with different economic benefits in various aspects such as renewable energy, industrials, utilities, virtual power plants, and microgrids

Volt/Var Optimisation (VVO)

An automated voltage and reactive power control system to measure and maintain the voltages in acceptable range with high power factor at all points in the distribution network under varying load conditions. It will improve the efficiency of the distribution network with less power loss and peak demand reduction leading to investment deferral of the network upgrade, hence, minimizing the operational cost of utilities

Self-Healing Grid

Focusing on advanced Distribution Automation schemes and SCADA systems that enable self-healing grid capability and controller-free operation for fast supply recovery in TNB distribution network substations. Our expertise covers grid sensors and infrastructure management, smart solar-powered SCADA facilities

Energy Efficiency

Providing energy management software applications that enable dynamic supply and demand management based on near real-time information for utilities, large power, and ordinary power consumers with our expertise in the following areas: Smart energy management toolkit, DER aggregation, VPP platforms

Empowered Customers Solutions

Implementing the latest communication networks that can efficiently cater to utility applications such as Smart Meters, Smart Street Lights, and Electric Vehicles. With the growing demands in this area, our unit is also capable of providing services and consultancy on the energy data platform and analytics

Smart Cities

Supplying and delivering Internet of Things computing hardware and sensor management software for Smart City project in the following areas: environmental monitoring, flood level and water pump monitoring, integrated CCTV surveillance, smart streetlight solutions

Smart Grid Demonstration

TNB Research is in a strategic partnership with the government agency to showcase the adoption of RE integrated Smart Grid facilitated through demonstration activities of distributed solar PV systems, solar-powered EV charging facilities, battery energy storage, energy efficiency and renewable energy application in buildings, and related cloud-based Internet of Technology solutions

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