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Power System


Pioneer in technology development for wide-area intelligent system in the Malaysia, we are committed in providing continuous research for both Power System and Transmission Smart Grid and Wide Area Intelligent Systems to our customers

Coordinated Voltage Control (CVC) System Applications

With the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of the power grid, the voltage and reactive power (Var) management in the power system operation has become more challenging than ever. 

Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) System

RTAP is one of our proven IP inventions, fully optimized in utility substations or control and automation industries

Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS)

We conduct studies on WAMS to improve the visibility and situational awareness of an extensive power network in real-time

Advanced PMU-Based Applications

Learn our customized solutions for PMU based applications 

Power System Reliability Studies & Simulations

Currently, we focus on system planning and improvements of power system reliability and efficiency of existing TNB systems. We use advanced power systems modeling and simulation tools

Power System Studies Related With Self-Healing Grid

Our advanced Real-Time Power System Analytics (ARTPSA) provides excellent real-time analytics solutions with the ability to sense, analyze, learn, decide, and respond to any changes in the power grids to ensure continuous compliance with the N-1 criterion

Transmission Smart Grid Applications for Self-Healing Grid

In this focus area, we conduct studies on enhancing network reliability to ensure the reliability and security of the power supply.

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