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Fuel And Combustion

Combined with our vast footprint in the area and innovative culture, we provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions on combustion performance, fuel quality as well as enhancing power plants’ reliability and efficiency.

  • Analytical & Pilot Testing Facilities for Solid, Liquid & Gaseous Fuel.

    Conducting comprehensive testing and analysis of key fuel parameters towards common industry standards, both for research and development. We are backed up with extensive laboratory equipment such as spectrometers that covers UV, VIS & NIR wavelengths to obtain optical emission spectra from the flames.

  • Pre-Treatment Piloting.

    Specializing in designing new pre-treatment techniques to meet new demands and requirements in the industries. ur state of the art facility, Combustion Test Rig stimulates the pre-treatment piloting.

  • In Line Data Acquisition. The ability to monitor and act on measurements in power plants or processes is important to optimize effectiveness and efficiency. Setting the superior quality in such research, our unit is continuously developing techniques to “close the loop” and provide impactful solutions to the industry.

  • Laser Diagnostics Measurement. Visualization of flame/ flow structures and measure important quantities (e.g., velocity, temperature, species, or mineral concentrations) without the need for the probe to be in the flow field make it a preferred measurement technique over other physical probes.

  • Plant/ Component Level Research. Modeling both steady-state and dynamics of process can be helpful in design, operation, and troubleshooting/auditing the efficiencies of processes.



We offer the following solutions:

Thermal Profiling

Accurately measure temperatures up to 2000°C and with the construction of a 2-D temperature contour of the furnace, it helps the plant operators and the engineers to monitor their plants strategicaly.

Particles Fineness Analysis

Determining the fineness of the particles using Isokinetic Sampling to improve combustion efficiency.

Coal Combustion Test (Lab Scaled)

Simulating the effects of combustion from different types of coals.

Trial Burn Measurement

Qualifying new coal(s) that is delivered to coal power stations for continued utilization consideration via specialized measurement and analysis of operational parameters.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Providing energy management software applications that enable dynamic supply and demand management based on near real-time information for utilities, large power, and ordinary power consumers with our expertise in the following areas: Smart energy management toolkit, DER aggregation, VPP platforms

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation

Specializing in modeling capabilities to predict similar scenarios within reasonable accuracy.

Laboratory Analytical Testing

Providing a wide range of analytical testing to determine the quality of the different type of coal and ash samples.

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