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Fluidized Bed Processes 

We promote a circular and sustainable economy for thermochemical processes such as combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis for biomass and waste

Biomass and Plasma Technologies

We encompass electro and thermochemical processing of biomass through non-thermal plasma (NTP), a form of plasma technology. NTP operates at room temperatures, has a low power consumption, and is initiated by inducing high voltages through a dielectric barrier. The NTP produces physically excited atoms and molecules, improving process efficiencies and sustainability. The following are the research outcomes from Biomass & Plasma Technologies as of 2021:

  • Improving solid fuel combustion efficiency (UI2018002562)

  • Reforming biogas for chemical production and for improving efficiency & emission performance of internal combustion engines (PI2018002220)

  • Dissociating carbon dioxide into gaseous fuels (PI2018002220)

  • Improving biomass fuel quality (PI2019004513 / KR-10-2018-0110998)

  • Reducing pollutants from biomass energy (UI2017704720)

  • Modification of surface properties (PI2017700765)


We are also currently exploring research on

  • Fluidized bed pyrolysis of organic and plastic wastes

  • Biomaterials for integration with perovskite solar cells

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