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Renewable Energy & Greentech


Aiming for a greener and sustainable environment, we are investing in our expertise and research projects on cleaner and advanced renewable sources. Our focus areas cover the following:

Decarbonization technology

Carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) is one of the critical technologies that will help drive the clean energy transition towards the decarbonization of the energy industry

Low Carbon Power Generation

Our research covers gasification and IGCCt technologies of coal - biomass- and petroleum coke, Fluidized Bed Process, Biomass & Plasma Technologies, including electro and thermochemical biomass processing through non-thermal plasma (NTP) technologies

Waste To Energy System

We are actively investigating and providing solutions for feasible biogas feedstock in mono and co-digestion application, the development of biogas upgrading into renewable natural gas (biomethane), and exploring the viable pathway for green hydrogen production

Waste To Fuel

Maximizing the torrefaction technology that can convert waste (biomass, plastic, and any carbonaceous waste) to a solid, dry, and energy-dense material that is easy to store and transport

Solar Energy System

Towards a greener environment, we support the transition of energy and hence the utilization of renewable sources. How do we react towards these changes?

Low-Speed Wind Technology

Aligned with greener solutions, we are also exploring low-speed wind technology. Our subject matter expert is on the Wind Resource Assessment that analyzes the wind resource characterization and mapping

New Emerging Technologies

Gearing up on our capabilities in research, we actively exploring studies on emerging technologies such as Hydrogen technology and Perovskite solar cell   


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We offer the following solutions:

Carbon Capture & Utilisation

  • Training & consultancy on mass microalgae culture & flue gas utilization

  • High-Pressure CO₂ Solubility Test             

  • Absorption & Adsorption Efficiency Test

  • Supply of Algae Biomass (In paste or powder form) 

Biomass & Plasma Technologies

  • Simulation of chemical reactions via FactSage 7.1

  • Training & consultancy on biomass technologies

Waste to Energy System

  • Biogas analyzer (portable)

  • Consultancy on Biogas Technology 

  • Supply of Liquid Fertilizer

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