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Civil & Geoinformatics

Extensive research and services covering structural to geo mapping

We are a dedicated team that can offer excellent engineering solutions and services specialized in water resources engineering


  • Lake & Catchment Management

    We conduct studies on this area to understand how a lake responds to any changes in hydrology, land use, and soil. These comprehensive studies assist the lake managers in formulating the best strategies to manage the lakes and maintain their good quality for various economic and environmental reasons.

  • Sediment Management

    We conduct studies on how sediment originates, is transported to its end products. Continue reading for more information.

    We conduct studies on how sediment originates, is transported, and deposited along river reach, ponds or lakes. To analyze the sediment transport, we carry out thorough samplings as part of data collection.

    • "Green" Sediment Brick

      We have successfully converted raw materials (sediments) into potentially valuable and usable products. This green sediment brick can be widely used for the following applications:

      • Construction industries;

      • Construction Materials (eg: wall, partition for building, fencing etc)

      • Pedestrian Pavement,

      • Landscaping or

      • Staircase

    • Sediment Trap

      To reduce sediments inflow into the reservoirs, we have designed and developed a concrete sediment trap solution that consists of an inlet, three compartments of sediment basin, and an outlet of the structure to control and manage sedimentation. As an added value, we also provide a one-year water quality monitoring to determine the workability of the system.

  • Hydraulic & Hydrology

    We conduct a hydrology assessment to understand the hydrological characteristics of water catchment. This assessment involves routing runoff (draining away of water or substances) generated along the channels & flood plain to determine water level, velocity, depth, and time for flood to arrive.

    This innovation is packaged as software and mobile application, which are interchangeably used in many applications such as Flood Management, Early Warning System, and Reservoir Optimisation. Our components consist of:

    • Rainfall forecast from a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model

    • Telemetry – Real-time rainfall and river level measurements

    • SCADA – Real-time dam release and lake level measurements

    • Database Management System

    • Hydrology and Hydraulic Model

    • Storage Model

  • Structural Integrity Analysis

    We are experienced in conducting structural integrity analysis to determine the stability of damaged structures. Through visual and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods, data on the initial structural properties can be determined, which will be used as the input for further Finite Element Modelling (FEM) to determine critical members requiring repair or retrofitting.

    This innovation uses used tires from passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles to protect the slope from collapsing. This particular design configurations work best for the slope of 12 meters and below as it creates a robust system for slope stabilization

    • i-SLOPE

      Under this invention, we developed a real-time slope management system that can help the end-users manage and monitor slope activities from an online base in real time. Our features are as follow:

      • Slope information and inventories

      • Historical slope data

      • Hazard Map

      • Slope Condition Analysis

      • Long-term safety of the slope

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

    We deliver exceptional research on spatial data by optimizing the studies on GPS data collection, which cover GPS point collection & processing and conversion of projection.

    • Remote Sensing

      We conduct studies on spatial data using RS technologies such as satellite image processing (Land Cover Classification) and image interpretation.

    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

      Under this focus area, we conduct UAV projects to ensure that current data can be captured instantly and readily used for GIS mapping to select the best transmission route and substation site.

    • GIS Application/Database/Mapping

      We utilize GIS technologies such as GIS mapping to calculate the volume of water and soil in the reservoir.

  • iMAPS

    We provide high resolution and high accuracy of aerial imagery, map, and navigation with our state-of-the-art equipment. From iMAPS, we offer solutions as follows:

    • Data Acquisition using UAV system.

    • GIS Mapping (2D and 3D)

    • UAV image processing

    • Orthomosaic UAV Images

    • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

    • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

    • Point Cloud

    • Contour Line

    • Height Measurement

    • Volume calculation

    • Aerial Video

    • GPS services

    • Ground Control Points (GCP)

    • Real-Time Kinematics GPS

    • Static GPS

    • Waypoint Navigation

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