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Sediment Transport & Modelling

We conduct studies on how sediment originates, is transported, and deposited along river reach, ponds or lakes. To analyze the sediment transport, we carry out thorough samplings as part of data collection

"Green" Sediment Brick

We have successfully converted raw materials (sediments) into potentially valuable and usable products. This green sediment brick can be widely used for the following applications:

  • Construction industries;

  • Construction Materials (eg: wall, partition for building, fencing etc)

  • Pedestrian Pavement,

  • Landscaping or

  • Staircase

Sediment Trap

To reduce sediments inflow into the reservoirs, we have designed and developed a concrete sediment trap solution that consists of an inlet, three compartments of sediment basin, and an outlet of the structure to control and manage sedimentation. As an added value, we also provide a one-year water quality monitoring to determine the workability of the system

CEG (Sediment Trap).jpg
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