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Reservoir Inflow Forecast

This innovation is packaged as software and mobile application, which are interchangeably used in many applications such as Flood Management, Early Warning System, and Reservoir Optimisation. Our components consist of:

  • Rainfall forecast from a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model

  • Telemetry – Real-time rainfall and river level measurements

  • SCADA – Real-time dam release and lake level measurements

  • Database Management System

  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Model

  • Storage Model

Dam Safety Emergency Response Plan (DSERP)

We assist the dam owner in identifying, monitoring, responding to, and mitigating dam safety emergencies. Through DESRP as well, we coordinate the dam emergency response team with the local agencies.
Our solutions cover manual guidelines and comprehensive programs such as in-house training, hands-on training, drill for Dam personnel, and tabletop exercise. Other technical specifications include flood modeling and Community Based Early Warning System

Integrated Community Based Disaster Management (ICBDM)

Through ICBDM, we establish the chain of responsibility and set up effective communication channels with the community. For this, our solutions cover guidelines (ICBDM Framework and interactive programs such as Community's Awareness & Preparedness for Disaster Risk Reduction for Dam Safety

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