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Remote Sensing

We conduct studies on spatial data using RS technologies such as satellite image processing (Land Cover Classification) and image interpretation.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Under this focus area, we conduct UAV projects to ensure that current data can be captured instantly and readily used for GIS mapping to select the best transmission route and substation site

GIS Application/Database/Mapping

We utilize GIS technologies such as GIS mapping to calculate the volume of water and soil in the reservoir


We provide high resolution and high accuracy of aerial imagery, map, and navigation with our state-of-the-art equipment. From iMAPS, we offer solutions as follows:

  • Data Acquisition using UAV system.

  • GIS Mapping (2D and 3D)

  • UAV image processing

    • Orthomosaic UAV Images

    • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

    • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

    • Point Cloud

    • Contour Line

    • Height Measurement

    • Volume calculation

  • Aerial Video

  • GPS services

    • Ground Control Points (GCP)

      • Real-Time Kinematics GPS

      • Static GPS

    • Waypoint Navigation 

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